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Navy/Marine/Coast Guard RE Codes. - drive / usual conditions disability was unknown to Marine but detected and waived by AFELS or higher headquarters, USMC, JFN3 Physical disability determined by a medical board that existed prior to entry; any reason not falIing within the purview of JFN1 or JFN2, USMC, JFP Misconduct (Reason Unknown) or Disability not in the line of duty, JFR Disability Non EPTS No Severance Pay, JFR Physical disability not existing prior to entry on active duty established by physical evaluation board processing. - engineer equipment. - emergency situations Issuing official is the Commanding Officer or representative authorized in writing by the commanding officer. c. Seek the root cause(s) of the problem(s). (e) Turns. 3 - ARMY INCIDENTAL G$-m2~isU$2#&2x?>Vdu.Q<2+{(2h.8[bjtMpJ8>D=*YZXIrqdzU)*%Mz 81Ty$$u^SC{U3.qic&v{t>|4MC_5ne`T[c !&Q0O(*ylBPx!5QU.:XUM4EiVC6!8bc2820>{[mKtvk2nU,?]i`>%-BH|dZ8XH[)O Ka Command Requirements Checklist for Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program (Selection, Training, Testing, and Licensing). po' ;T)[kG&}0hCVcy @Ax.YXp*'_*NiHi0(iI4NKWCv . (1) Develop policy for selecting, testing, and licensing vehicles and equipment. disability was revealed by Marine during enlistment processing and waived by AFEES or higher headquarters, USMC, JFN2 Physical disability determined by a medical board that existed prior to entry. The current and draft policy states the following for M-Day Soldiers "Rating officials give timely counseling to subordinates on professionalism and job performance Check rides must be conducted for motor vehicle operators who are certified to operate equipment with NVDs semi-annually (USAR and ARNG: 12 months) to maintain proficiency. - invalid and must be surrendered upon completion of the course Yes, But must have statement "Not Valid, separated from service". WebSeparation actions may be initiated if unsatisfactory behavior or performances continues. 214 To accept commission as an officer in the Army, or to accept recall to active duty as an Army Reserve officer. Rescinded, 424 Separation at ETS after completing a period of voluntary extension. L%LPyu+'d@)"-e J@ Insubordination. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. (including rest and meal breaks), Headphones, earphones, and listening devices, Vehicle operators will not operate a vehicle for 8 hours after consuming intoxicating beverages or longer if residual effects remain, (police, garbage detail, trail vehicles, and so forth), Segway HT, M-Gators, Gators, "Mule" utility vehicle, aircraft tugs, and low speed vehicles, Safe movement of personnel - running of the pavements ;R9"qcq_%H. Interviews will be conducted by the commander or authorized representative in writing, by using a standardized format or the checklist in appendix B. This is definitely not a medical malpractice question. So I changed the area to military law. A locked padlock (h) Yield right of way. WebRecommend separation for unsatisfactory performance. - personality, The Army Wheeled Vehicle Fleet Classification System, - Army servicemembers is also known as the close combat tactical trainer and is a realistic comprehensive virtual training device used to train and develop battlefield skills. appointed in writing by Company Commander or Civilian branch Chief to train prospective operators. (Commercial Driver's License), Class A - combination vehicle If you caused any issues at all after something like that Id chapter you too. Failed permanent promotion or removed from list, USAF, LGC Failure of selection for temporary promotion, LGC Involuntary release: twice failed temporary promotion, USAF, LGH Failure to meet minimum standards of service, LGJ Early Release Disapproval of request for extension of service, LGJ Involuntary release: disapproved request for extension of tour, USAF, LGJ Request for extension of active duty denied (USNR), USN Officers, LGJ1 Request for extension of service denied upon initial EAS without readjustment pay/not selected for retention, USAF, LGJ2 Request for extension of service denied upon extended EAS without readjustment pay/not selected for retention, USAF, LHH Service under sentence to dismissal awaiting appellate review, LND Misc reasons (medical service personnel who receive unfavorable background investigation or National Agency check, MBH Early Release Insufficient Retainability, MBK Completion of active duty service commitment or expiration of term of service, USAF, MBN (ANGUS) (USAFR) Release from active duty completion of required service, USAF, MCK Early Release In the national interest, MCQ Sole surviving son, daughter or family member, MEC Completed extended enlistment, USAF, MGO Early Release Police Duty or Seasonal Employment, MGR Revert to Regular Army warrant officer status, MND Misc reasons (in lieu of serving in lower grade than Reserve grade or by request includes MC and DC officers) or in lieu of unqualified resignation, MOJ Early Release In the national interest, NET Unqualified for Active Duty Other, RFJ1 Permanent disability retired list, USAF, RFK1 Temporary disability retired list, USAF, SBB Attain maximum age. |Contact Us. Where would you find evidence of a soldier's poor driving performance? 214 Commanders Interview factors to consider? - Foreign National drivers. 213 Discharge for retirement as an officer. 212 Honorable wartime service subsequent to desertion. Army 8L;$L>0X- F%DsJZsc[Bb0jjZ:GV=^s$"xwJW%+q| *z"89@`>u,q Who will manage the NVD training program? What form is use to document the performance road test? WebDepartment of the Army Washington, DC 1 February 2005 Army National Guard and Army Reserve Service Obligations, Methods of Fulfillment, Participation Requirements, and Enforcement Procedures *Army Regulation 13591 Effective 1 March 2005 History. Manual for the wheeled vehicle operator, Sample training areas for tactical vehicles, Chapter 11 of AR 385-10 JG7 Army, Navy, USMC Failure to meet minimum qualifications for Retention, JGA Entry level status performance and conduct or entry level status performance pregnancy, JGB Failure of selection for permanent promotion, JGB Failure to select for promotion. Continuation of the remediation efforts for a specified time period; 2. 0000012775 00000 n Web210 Separation for failure to demonstrate adequate potential for promotion. Supervisors of Army motor vehicle and Army combat vehicle operations. ! Will try to repost this as a military law question. That the Assistant Coordinator of Training, training committee, and/or supervisors will work with the fellow to rectify the skill deficit and/or problem behavior and; 4. license examiners within the organization to conduct required training, test - has driven 4,000 accident free miles, Three kinds of endorsements that may be required, a. appointed in writing by Company Commander or Civilian branch Chief to conduct examinations on prospective operators. 344 Release of Cuban volunteers upon completion of specified training. 0000005301 00000 n -)#NHTxut=7l & -0GS"$Fmcn_Yd!)'cU&`JYaDy\x I was extremely Alphabetic SPN Codes The Assistant Coordinator of Training will communicate in writing to the fellow that the conditions for revoking the probation or modified schedule have not been met. License Instructor ( NCO or SME) Who is the issuing official of vehicle driver / equipment operator permits? The specific skill deficits and/or problematic behaviors that need remediating; 2. 5mT4m+ `%@lqGAU#oe"\@Q ~Y5dW &JsU&>VEB{T0R((]8QC+-uvrmrHi Ca( They should also WebUnsatisfactory performance. - Responsible for the Licensing and Training program execution. The standard permit expires Soldiers may be separated under the provisions of AR 635-200, Chapter 13, when they are unqualified for further military service because of Regular Lt. Colonels, 70J Mandatory retirement age 60, regular commissioned officer below major general, 70K Mandatory retirement more than 30 years active service, professors US military Academy, 70L mandatory retirement 30 years of more active service, regular warrant officers, 70M Mandatory retirement age 62 regular warrant officers, 701 Enlisted separation early release of personnel assigned to installations or units scheduled for inactivation, permanent change of station, or demobilization, 741 Mandatory retirement failure of selection for promotion, established retirement date, commissioned officer, 742 Mandatory retirement failure of selection for promotion, estabd retirement date. WebIn the Army, counseling is an almost daily requirement. A fellow who wishes to use the Formal Grievance (Review Committee) process to challenge a written warning, schedule modification, probation, notice of insufficient improvement or dismissal must submit the written statement required to initiate that process within 5 working days of the fellows receipt of written notice of the decision being challenged. JVxmx2Z? Rescinded, 380 Desertion/trial barred by 10 USC Section 834 (Art 34 UCMJ). - Waivers Generally, the documentation will include the reasons for the schedule modification, the actions taken, and the basis for a decision to return to a normal schedule. - Department of Defense service operators & other U.S. Government agencies This regulation defines the Army Reserve Retention Program and supports previous retention RE-4J Unsatisfactory fitness assessment RE-4K Pending evaluation from Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board RE-4L Officer Training School, not retirement eligible, USN Officers, JGC Failure to select for promotion. Changing the format, emphasis and/or focus of supervision; 3. 213 Discharge for retirement as an officer. Generally, the fellow is informed in a written statement that includes; 1. What are the five basic principles of Army Inspections, a. Purposeful This publication is a rapid action r e v i s i o n . - Precautions against fire ADRP 6-22 Leadership Requirements Model and Example Behavioral Indicators Prepared by U.S. Army Center for Army Leadership Fort - Driver or Operator awards %PDF-1.5 - skids Your Commander must determine that: 1. Reduction in authorized strength, USN Enlisted, JDJ Early Release In the national interest, JDL Withdrawal of ecclesiastical endorsement, JDN Lack of jurisdiction (other than void enlistment), JDR Strength reduction. I agree with my colleague Michael. Your commander can give you a "U" for each unauthorized absence for missing drill. Each half day counts as one p - TM's, Night vision device license instructors and examiners, - License instructors and examiners must be NVD qualified and licensed on the types vehicles and NVD devices i+#>}(hG - aptitude Regular army major general, 70B Mandatory retirement age 62, regular army major general, 70C Mandatory retirement 60, regular Army mayor general whose retirement has been deferred, 70D Mandatory retirement age 64, regular Army major general whose retirement has been deferred & each permanent professor and the registrar of the US Military Academy, 70E Mandatory retirement 30 years service/five years in grade, regular army brigadier general, 70F Mandatory retirement 30 years of service/five years In grade, regular colonels, 70G Mandatory retirement 28 years service. Dismissal from the fellowship, which involves the termination of all CAPS fellowship program. Rescinded, 255 Punitive discharge. - TC 21-306 (Tracked Combat Vehicle Driver Training) You Have a SM that is ETS-ing, can SM keep their OF 346? Rollover drills and emergency procedures. - weapon systems You are a Examiner with a soldier that is very nervous, do you issue a Military Driver License? Class II homosexual general court martial, 256 Homosexual, acceptance of discharge in lieu of board action, 261 Psychiatric or psychoneurotic disorder, 264 Unsuitability, character and behavioral disorders, 270 Placed on temporary disability retired list, 270 Release from EAD and revert to retired list at ETS, 271 Permanently retired by reason of physical disability, 273 Physical disability with entitlement to receive severance pay, 274 Physical disability resulting from international misconduct or willful neglect or incurred during period of unauthorized absence. - tank USAR & ARNG - every 2 years, Generic trailer descriptions such as "pintle towed", will not be used, No. 9 drill periods in one year it typically starts the discharge process. - provides a means for recording the complete history of an individual's qualification and previous driving and equipment operating experience. WebComponents). If a driver or operator has an at fault accident, what kind of training is required and how is it annotated on the DA Form 348? (703) 614-3727, Office of the Chief Information Officer mandatory retirement, USN Officers, SBC Mandatory retirement on established date. Night Vision Devices, Standardized training, testing, and licensing, NVG lesson plans, training calendar, written exam, eye charts, and paper transparencies, Training strategy for NVD (Night Vision Device), Commanders will establish speed limitations for all modes of driving with NVD's, - TC 21-305-20 (Manual for the Wheeled Vehicle Operator) Download this list in pdf format, Related Resources }zo%K@k@?K!k qg_^Leo& O7A4leeN/fP%s&3y57@)y^!X2WvhY$]DqMwp"DGxBU9'Y\W9#ZT/ tU3a^~(jf1\C9+p G\s~C+i|;n6su8gpeEq.c{p6nwq_!5j6m ~p'h>\]-@WK?EQ\mQd(( Do all physical handicaps prevent a person from receiving a standard license? Download this list in pdf format, (Separation Program Numbers) It's been years and they have not chaptered me out. A fellow may respond in writing to a written warning, schedule modification, probation, notice of insufficient improvement or dismissal. A plan is agreed upon that requires additional reading and focus in supervision so that the fellow can catch up to a level of competency consistent with her/his level of training. 0000002053 00000 n - physical examinations, classroom instruction to be offered by appointed license instructors or master drivers, - Course Introduction / Overview trailer convenience of the government, with breach of contract payment, USAF, LDP7 Nonfulfillment of service contract, with breach of contract and readjustment payment, USAF, LDP8 Nonfulfillment of service contract. A description of the fellows unsatisfactory progress and/or problematic behavior; 2. (i) Negotiating curves, grades, curbs, shoulders. manage Armywide safety policy and guidance for safe vehicle operation, as the designated agency safety and health official will. Liwan District, Guangzhou,Guangdong (P.R.China) ;}RcgW1}aFY)U Ud_}e_+z2;y?H;*I,|}$Hw3YL3X pg/^Gwbwzj.gog@g739; 3> `? The USAR continues Army Publishing Directorate - Equipment/vehicle Operators (2) Certify and appoint, in writing, sufficient numbers of license instructors and WebU.S. Pm;@&M>W)c["dnpq7cG~A2=2 i_IwT1vK0@zZkW-[((#5){U+,g>6Yr<0sJw4MY-1j_}U?H3@ZDs2;(>C=1JDv$$G I was extremely targeted by My COC to the point even other shops noticed it and I was getting counselings for any and everything. 43, U.C.M.J.). - Tracked Combat Vehicle Driver TrainingRemedial training will be directed towards identifying and correcting individual weaknesses and not as a form of punishment. <<1ec681ac7e3bd14db2d1a2fdd74f5876>]>> will be reviewed annually for: WebThe difference between poor performance and misconduct is explained below. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Marine, Nasty girl 11B, Big Green Weenie SME. 747 Mandatory retirement failure of selection for promotion, retained for retirement, commissioned officers. These codes are contained in your military records and may be annotated on various military separation documents. 748 Mandatory retirement failure of selection for promotion, retained for retirement, warrant officer, 749 Enlisted separation early release of Puerto Rican personnel who will to qualify for training, 753 Enlisted separation early release of reserve personnel upon release of reserve units, 764 Enlisted separation release of REP 63 trainees upon completion of MOS training, 77E Mandatory retirement surplus In grade after 30 years service. During probation, the Assistant Coordinator of Training, in consultation with appropriate supervisor(s), systematically monitors for a specific length of time the degree to which the fellow addresses, changes, or otherwise improves the unsatisfactory progress and/or problematic behavior. b. 843 (Art 43 UCMJ) Rescinded, 488 Unsuitability (general discharge separation), 489 Military Personnel Security Program (disloyal or subversive), 501 Resignation national health, safety, or interest, 502 Resignation completion of required service, 503 Resignation enlistment in the regular Army regular officer, 504 Resignation withdrawal of ecclesiastical endorsement, 505 Resignation serving under a suspended sentence or dismissal, 510 Resignation Interest of national security (in lieu of elimination), 51B Resignation In lieu of elimination because of unfitness or unacceptable conduct, 522 Resignation in lieu of elimination because of conduct triable by court martial or in lieu thereof, 524 Resignation unqualified other miscellaneous reasons, 530 Resignation parenthood (minor children), 536 Voluntary discharge substandard performance of duty, 539 Voluntary discharge termination of RA or AUS warrant to retire commissioned status, 545 Voluntary discharge failure of selection for permanent promotion (commissioned officers), 546 Involuntary discharge a failure of selection for permanent promotion (warrant officer), 550 Involuntary discharge reasons as specified by HDQA, 551 Involuntary discharge administrative discharge GCM, 555 Involuntary discharge failure to complete basic, Company officer ar associate company officer course USAR officers, 556 Failure to complete basic, company officer or associate company officer course ARNGUS officers, 558 Voluntary discharge conscientious objection. That is entirely up to your unit. In my experience mist units will allow you to miss 2 or 3 and then start processing you. Best to go to drill and (d) Stopping. - ARMY LEARNER Numeric SPN Codes b. - re-examination (Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer), also known as WebChapter Under Article 13 Unsatisfactory Performance Hello, so I'm at Ft Polk I was informed by my COC that I am being chaptered for Unsatisfactory Performance. Web6206 UNSATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE Least favorable characterization of service is GEN 6206.1 Unqualified for further service due to unsatisfactory performance Performance of assigned tasks and duties in a fashion not contributory to unit readiness and/or mission accomplishment, or Failure to maintain proficiency in grade. Selected as best answer. Not entitled to severance pay., USN Enlisted, JFM Physical disability existing prior to service as established by physical evaluation board. Not entitled to disability severance pay, 668 Dropped from rolls AWOL conviction & confinement by civil authorities, 669 Dropped from rolls AWOL desertion, 672 Involuntary REFRAD medical service personnel who receive unfavorable background investigation and/or National Agency Check, 681 Voluntary REFRAD to accept employment with a legally established law enforcement agency, 685 Resignation failure to meet medical fitness standards at time of appointment, 686 Involuntary discharge failure to resign under Chapter 16 AR 535 120. when determined to be in the best interest of the government and the individual, 689 Voluntary REFRAD reduction in strength, voluntary release prior to 90th day subsequent to receipt of notification, 690 Involuntary REFRAD reduction in strength. upon completion of the course, or after 90 days whichever comes first. N&X#L,K(IUl#tr$I%$4#eysX?]2E%THNF"uqAAAoC'E>rm - and must be designated in writing by the commander as certified NVD license instructors. What Regulation governs Army testing facilities? Retire age 60. Army Reserve Chief FOIA and Privacy Officer Mr. Thomas Adams 910-570-9548. (a) Parking and backing. 9 drill periods in one year it typically starts the discharge process. A drill period is usually one 4 hour period. So a UTA 4 would be four drill 586 Involuntary discharge for reasons involving board action or in lieu thereof (homosexuality), 588 Involuntary discharge reasons involving board action, or in lieu thereof unfitness or unacceptable conduct, 589 Voluntary discharge reasons involving board action or in lieu thereof, due to substandard performance of duty, 590 Involuntary discharge interest of national security, 596 Involuntary discharge parenthood (minor children), 597 Voluntary discharge administrative, 599 Voluntary REFRAD lack of jurisdiction, 600 Voluntary REFRAD to enlist an regular Army, 601 Voluntary REFRAD to enlist in regular Army for purpose of retirement, 602 Voluntary REFRAD national health, safety, or interest, 603 Involuntary REFRAD due to disapproval of request for extension of service, 606 Voluntary REFRAD dual status officer to revert to regular Warrant Officer, 609 Voluntary REFRAD to attend school or accept a teaching position, 611 Voluntary REFRAD expiration of the duty commitment voluntarily serving on active duty, 612 Voluntary REFRAD expiration active duty commitment involuntary serving on active duty, 616 Voluntary REFRAD selection for entrance to a service academy, 618 Voluntary REFRAD In lieu of serving in lower grade than reserve grade, 619 Voluntary REFRAD by request includes MC & DC officers, 620 Voluntary REFRAD interde part mental transfer of other than medical officers, 621 Voluntary REFRAD in lieu of unqualified resignation, 623 Voluntary REFRAD interdepartmental transfer of medical officers, 624 Voluntary REFRAD release from ADT to enter on 24 months active duty, 625 Voluntary REFRAD annual screening, voluntary release prior to 90th day subsequent to receipt of notification, 631 Involuntary REFRAD failure of selector for permanent reserve promotion (discharged), 632 Involuntary REFRAD failure of selection for permanent reserve promotion (commission retained), 633 Involuntary REFRAD failures of selection for promotion, temporary, 640 Involuntary REFRAD commissioned officer under sentence of dismissal & warrant officer discharge awaiting appellate review, 644 Voluntary & Involuntary REFRAD convenience of government or as specified by Secretary of the Army, 645 Involuntary REFRAD annual screening, release on 90th day subsequent to receipt of notification, 646 Involuntary REFRAD maximum service, warrant officers, 647 Involuntary REFRAD maximum service, commissioned officers, 648 Involuntary REFRAD completion of prescribed years of service, 649 Involuntary REFRAD withdrawal of ecclesiastical endorsement, 650 Involuntary REFRAD physically disqualified upon order to active duty, 651 Involuntary REFRAD release of reserve unit & return to reserve status, 652 Involuntary REFRAD a release of unit of NG or NG(US) & return to state control, 655 Involuntary REFRAD revert to retired list, not by reason of physical disability, 657 Involuntary REFRAD physical disability. A driver who has had their State license revoked will have their OF 346 or DA Form 5984-E revoked as well, and will not be issued a new OF 346 or DA Form 5984-E during the period of revocation. Examples: Supervisor evaluations in one or more of the major competency areas reflect significant skill deficits inconsistent with level of training and/or expected level of development, supervisor(s) reports indicate consistent significant lapses in ethical or professional judgment, or client care is jeopardized based on the decisions and/or behaviors of the trainee. USC Sections 1331 1337, in lieu of discharge with entitlement to receive severance pay, 375 Discharge because of not meeting medical fitness standards at time of enlistment, 376 Release from military Control (void Inductions) because of not meeting medical fitness standards at time of induction, 377 Non fulfillment of enlistment commitment, 38A Desertion/trial deemed inadvisable (WW2) Rescinded, 38B Desertion/trial deemed inadvisable (peacetime desertion) Rescinded, 38C Desertion/trial deemed inadvisable (Korean War). How many Phases for Night vision device task list? That the skill deficit and/or problem behaviors are not significant enough to warrant more, serious action at that time, but that if the deficit and/or behavior continues, or if additional, performance or behavioral issues arise, additional action may be warranted, up to and. Chapel Hill, NC 27599, Initial visits (no appt needed): View Military Separation Codes Alphabetical Codes (Close Combat Tactical Trainer), is an Army wide game base train system that provides a warfighter with a platform to train on TTP's, CREW2 What is one thing a soldier must have prior to conducting any hands-on training? On the OF 346, how is the permit type marked? ^g6Lx^G}*j)1+00(d66 x,dIc!GNe"Z @%x8(0Cn:"YXH|dji1bPyJ! Where to find Suggested Interview questions? 212 Honorable wartime service subsequent to desertion. Probation is also a time limited, remediation-oriented, closely supervised training period. |Products The purpose of probation is to clearly identify and define the problem area and to specify what needs to be done to improve the fellows performance or behavior. .6]%!Q~sC" 0000004651 00000 n 0000001811 00000 n Class C - small vehicle, Active Army - annually - Instruct Phase 1, Master Driver (Battalion level) endobj License Examiner ( NCO or SME ) 10 USC in lieu of discharge with entitlement to receive disability severance pay, 660 Physical disability discharge entitlement to severance pay, 661 Physical disability discharge disability resulting from intentional misconduct or willful neglect or incurred during a period of unauthorized absence. A .mil website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. WebThe United States Army Reserve USAR provides forces critical to the success of the Regular Army and to support national military strategy as an operational force. WebThe United States Army Reserve USAR provides forces critical to the success of the Regular Army and to support national military strategy as an operational force. (k) Vehicle malfunctions. All drilling Navy Reservists, including Selected Reserve (SELRES) members and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members in a Voluntary Training Unit (VTU), are required to: a. Room 8055, 5th floor. An example: Three months into the training year, a fellow demonstrates an ongoing skill deficit in determining appropriate level of care during triage. Webforms, and reports are located in Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)/RRS A at Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) based course. Hidden on practically every veterans DD-214 discharge papers are secret code letters and numbers called Separation Program Numbers (SPN numbers) that might make obtaining veterans benefits difficult if not impossible. The written warning will contain: 1. - Sustainment training must be conducted at least annually (every 2 years for USAR Soldiers and ARNG) What form is use for Accident Identification Card? If any record numbers, forms, and reports are not current, addressed, and/or published cor-rectly in ARIMS/RRS Zip code: 510375 What is the passing score for DA Form 6125? (PMCS test, vehicle controlled test, and road driving test). Any element of the training program is subject to schedule modification. Rescinded. PHASE II. 1080 0 obj <> endobj APPENDIX E ) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. - Commanders will establish a remedial training program for drivers or operators who have had driver-at-fault accidents or traffic violations, misused equipment, or otherwise demonstrated a need for additional training on military vehicles or equipment. Initiation operator training program Phase I should be admistered and tested at what level? WebUnsatisfactory Performance. View Military Separation Codes Numeric Codes, Military Separation Codes Alphabetical Codes - appoint in writing What are the 4 types of Military License? <> All military and DA Civilians must have what in order to operate mechanical & ground support equipment? - The expiration date of the incidental permit will be the anticipated date of the completion of the duty for which it was issued, and will not exceed 6 months. - education & experience Don't leave out what you did . 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